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HDP 2.5: Apache Atlas 0.7 Tag attributes how to use?


I have installed Apache Atlas using Ambari and tried the Atlas + Ranger Integration using Tag. I don't understand about the Tag Attribute and its usage.


I have created attribute "word" but do not know how and when it is useful.


What is the purpose of tag attribute?.

Can anyone provide complete example of using Tag attributes and how it will be used in Atlas?.

I dont think tag attributes are useful in Ranger and it can be used only used within Atlas.




@Uvaraj Seerangan Please refer to the below tutorial which talks about the usage of tag based policies.

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@Uvaraj Seerangan Please refer to the below tutorial which talks about the usage of tag based policies.


@Uvaraj Seerangan Please refer to this discussion on practical use for tag attributes and discussion on how to use them:

In the discussion, an example was provided that leverages tag attributes for the concept of a data lease or duration in which the entity is valid. For example, we could have tags called ACTIVE_AFTER, EXPIRES_ON both of which can have an attribute effective_date. On different entities we could then set different values of the effective_date attribute once we tag them with ACTIVE_AFTER or EXPIRES_ON tags. So different entities could have different validity dates through the values set for effective_date on the entity. This can be used to manage the period during which an asset is effective. Once entities are tagged, the tags and attributes flow down to Ranger and you can write a single security policy to prevent specific groups of users from accessing all assets tagged with EXPIRES_ON after the effective_date without having to write 1 policy per entity.

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