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HDP Partnership program

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Our team is working on Business partnership program for our product with Hortonworks.

Our product is a Big data based analytics product .

We tried to find prerequisite documentation required for this certification but some how we are unable find it on your website

We have some questions related to this certification . Could you please reply .. It would be helpful for us

1. Our product supports HDP Ranger but we are in progress of doing R&D for support of Ranger KMS . Does Ranger KMS mandatory for certification ?

2. We used only HDFS Plugin and Hive Plugin of Ranger, we dont use Yarn Plugin . Although our product have support of YARN as well as Non Yarn

3. Do we also need to submit ambari manager logs along with all the documents .

4. Do we need to have enterprise version of HDP for this certification .

5. We are preparing below documents for submission ( Answers of FAQs about how and what HDP services we used in product , Product architecture , Details of use cases performed )

Apart from these documents , do you require any other document , do you require document of how we install HDP on our cluster.

Please helps us to get answers of these question so that we will be more confident in terms of preparation that we are doing to get our product certified on HDP



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