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HIVE script execution issue

HIVE script execution issue

New Contributor

hi all,

i am learning hadoop 

while i am working on hive , i wanto execute hive script


i am getting the following error 




can any one help me with this 


Re: HIVE script execution issue

The semicolon is needed after each HQL statement not at the end of the script name. Remove it and try again.

Please share the contents of the script as well.

If I recall correctly, if you don't use 'exit' in the HQL script it will dump you into the Hive shell. Without knowing the rest of the script I'd say it is behaving as expected.

Re: HIVE script execution issue

New Contributor
i am getting this warning Hive CLI is deprecated and migration to Beeline
is recommended

Re: HIVE script execution issue

Yeah, that is normal. Beeline is another client that connects to HS2 where the Hive cli connects directly to HMS. The latter has some security issues and is not scalable.

In Hive 2.x the Hive cli will be a wrapper around beeline.

You can ignore the message for now or start using beeline right out the gate.