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Hbase namespace table in not online

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Re: Hbase namespace table in not online

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Hello @Priyanka26 


As we haven't heard from your side, We shall summarise the Discussion in the Post to ensure the same benefits Users with similar experiences:


PROBLEM: In HDP v3.1.0, HBase NameSpace Region isn't assigned, thereby causing the following Message:

2021-03-17 20:29:54,614 WARN  [Thread-18] master.HMaster: hbase:namespace,,1575575842296.0c72d4be7e562a2ec8a86c3ec830bdc5. is NOT online; state={0c72d4be7e562a2ec8a86c3ec830bdc5 state=OPEN, ts=1616010947554, server=itk-phx-prod-compute-6.datalake.phx,16020,1615483461273}; ServerCrashProcedures=false. Master startup cannot progress, in holding-pattern until region onlined.

 Your Team tried to use HBCK2 Assign yet the same fails with the following Error:

Caused by: Call to itk-phx-prod-master-2.datalake.phx/ failed on local exception: Failed to specify server's Kerberos principal name


DISCUSSION SUMMARY: (I) In Customer's HDP v3.1.0, We have a Bug wherein the HBCK2 JAR can't used with the available Hbase-Client & Hbase-Server JAR in a Secure Cluster. There is no issue with the way your team is using the HBCK2. Owing to the Bug being mentioned above, the HBCK2 Jar is throwing the concerned exception. Without the modified Hbase-Client & Hbase-Server JAR, We can try to re-initialize the HBase Cluster yet only if the same isn't a Production Cluster. 

(II) The referred JAR aren't available for download publicly. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any other means other than manual intervention (Start HBase on a new DataDir & Bulkload from previous DataDir being one of them). Such issues aren't present in HDP v3.1.5 onwards. 

(III) Your Team decided to use the Bulk-Load approach to ensure HBase is Initialised afresh. [1] shares the Steps used by your Team. 


In short, Do Upgrade to HDP v3.1.5 (The same would be a Maintenance Upgrade from v3.1.0 to v3.1.5) as soon as possible. Until then, Such issues require Bulk-Loading. The Bug causing the HBCK2 issue in a Kerberized Environment impacts HDP v3.0.0 through (And inclusive) HDP v3.1.4 & Fixed in HDP v3.1.5. 


Thanks again for using Cloudera Community.


- Smarak



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