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Hdfs acl giving permission denied error for spark job

Expert Contributor

I have a user user1 with group group1

I use a third party tool which writes spark event logs to a directory in hdfs. Currently using the user home directory to write the logs temporarily.

I created this directory like:

Hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/user1/sparkeventlogs

Right now this is created under user1:group2

Changed ownership to the right group:

Hdfs dfs -chown -R user1:group1 /user/user1/sparkeventlogs

I also added ACL to the above directory using setfacl command and when I do getfacl it gives me correct user and group assigned. User and group both have rwx permissions

Now when the job is run, it the giving permission denied with a user who ran it under that AD group saying

User1:group2 drwx———

When actually it is

User1:group1 drwxrwx—-

We have ranger enabled but I don’t have access to it

Thanks for you help


Expert Contributor


Since you have ranger enabled, its possible that your permission is denied at Ranger end. I would definitely check the Ranger Audit logs for any events for the users and see if we are hitting the permission denied in there.

Also I would add a ranger hdfs policy to allow user user1 write access to /user/user1/sparkeventlogs once I validate it was Ranger who was blocking the permissions.