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Hive GUI !



I have a customer wondering what can they use as Hive GUI (but not based on web technology, so not Ambari view or Hue)

I was thinking of / found and and probably eclipse with JDBC ? Any feedback is welcome.

Thanks and kind regards.


DbVisualizer works best. Its easy to use and freely available. Also SQuirreL client works.

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DbVisualizer works best. Its easy to use and freely available. Also SQuirreL client works.

Expert Contributor

I confirm that DbVisualizer works fine with HiveServer2. We use it quite a lot in one big ETL-Hive project we have.

Take care, the free version has some limitations (for instance, you can't have 2 same tabs opened at the same time) and depending on the usage you have of that tool, you might want the comercial version.

+1. I miss the 'run selected' option in free version. Still a great tool though and also works with kerberos environment or when Knox is being used.

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can you share a link with steps to configure db visualizer to connect to hive please?


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I am a big fan of AquaData Studio. Available here: It's not free, but is extremely powerful.

@Benjamin Hopp removing inside wiki link.

@Mark Herring


SQuirreL is quite good, and free. Built in Java, and works well with Hive/Beeline. We've overall had success with:

  • Teradata Studio
  • Squirrel
  • Aquadata Studio

New Contributor

Any one tried with kerbrosed Hive with these tools

@peter jaink dbvisualizer works

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I am trying to connect using dbvisualizer it always throws error message saying illegal hadoop version my hdp is 2.6.x and hive is 0.14 , i have all the jar files coming from my unix installation box.

Cloudera Employee

I have used DBVisualizer with kerborized Hive and have no issues


I like to use SQL Workbench/J. We use this tool for querying Amazon Redshift and Phoenix also. It's free and I haven't had any problems with it. I tried SQuirreL, but it was finicky and didn't like it much. Haven't tried DBVisualizer.



i shared toad for hadoop at

i recommend to use the version 1.3 since 1.5 has a limit of licence

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