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Hive unable to create and upload table from csv-file

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Hello togehter,

i tried to create and upload a hive table from csv-file. I followed the same steps like here

When I press "preview", i can see all collumns so that works. After clicking "create", hive creates the temporary table and the normal table but it stucks at the point Waiting for insertion of rows from temporary table to actual table. The file is only a small test file with 4 rows and columns. If I reload the UI I can query over the normal table and there are only the columns. In the temporay table there are the complete data from the file.

These are the warnings and errors from the hiveserver2.log

  • WARN [HiveServer2-Handler-Pool: Thread-5328]: metrics2.CodahaleMetrics ( - A Gauge with name [init_total_count_partitions] already exists. The old gauge will be overwritten, but this is not recommended
  • WARN [HiveServer2-Background-Pool: Thread-5501]: conf.HiveConf ( - HiveConf of name does not exist
  • ERROR [HiveServer2-Handler-Pool: Thread-5689]: hdfs.KeyProviderCache ( - Could not find uri with key [dfs.encryption.key.provider.uri] to create a keyProvider !!

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for your fast reply. I'm not using Ranger and Transparent Data Encryption is also not configured. Any other tips?




@Freddy, Since you're using Hive-view , I'd suggest you take a look at hive view logs to debug this further.

If you're using hive-view 1.5, logs are available : /var/log/ambari-server/hive-next-view/hive-view.log

For hive-view 2.0, the logs can be found at path : /var/log/ambari-server/hive20-view/hive20-view.log

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