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Hive vs Impala JDBC driver for CDP 7.x version

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Recently we migrated the HDP 2.x platform to the CDP 7.x platform. Now we are migrating our applications(java) to make them compatible with CDP. 


Since CDP 7.x uses Hive 3.1 version, there are some changes in syntax and tables.


I read that we need to change the Hive JDBC driver to the Impala JDBC driver. Do I need to change the driver? If yes, why?


Can anyone please clarify the above?


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Hello @saamurai 


Could you please share the link where you read so.


Meanwhile you can use the latest driver links to connect to Hive and Impala respectively for CDP.


//For Hive


//For Impala


You have separate drivers for Hive and Impala respectively.


Let me know if the above helps.

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Hi @tusharkathpal 


Thanks for your clarification.


We can use Impala driver to query from Hive as well.  Are there any performance improvements or any other advantages of using Impala JDBC driver over Hive JDBC driver ?


If there are not much improvement, why don't we use Impala driver?

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Hello @saamurai 


We have separate drivers for Impala and hive and I am not sure why you intent on using hive driver for Impala.


We do connect to Impala from edge nodes via beeline which is jdbc but the sole purpose is to perform some tests whether connectivity works fine or not. We do not recommend to use beeline for Impala as we have impala-shell designed for the same.


Cloudera recommends to use specific drivers along with version compatibility for each components.

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Hi @tusharkathpal 


Yes we have different drivers as you mentioned earlier. I just want to clarify will there be any performance improvements when we use Impala driver over Hive driver.


If there is nothing, then I can use specific drivers as suggested by Cloudera.


Thanks a lot for your clarifications.

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Hello @saamurai 


Thanks for the confirmation.


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