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Hiveserver2 started but not listening 10000

New Contributor

hiveserver2 is working on ubuntu but not on RHEL7(Redhat)
Checked port with lsof -f:10000 and beeline -u jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000

in redhat, It is just giving me 

JNDI lookup class
is not available because this JRE does not support
JNDI string lookups will not be available, continuing configuration.
Ignoring java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.logging.log4j.core.lookup.JndiLookup

checked and it is printing to console. I dont see any other log. 


Community Manager

@yusufu Welcome to the Cloudera Community!

To help you get the best possible solution, I have tagged our Hive experts @cravani @mszurap  who may be able to assist you further.

Please keep us updated on your post, and we hope you find a satisfactory solution to your query.


Diana Torres,
Community Moderator

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Super Collaborator

@yusufu  If nothing in /var/log/hive, can you check if you have log file inside /tmp/hive or /tmp/hive/hive? This would be helpful to debug the issue further.

New Contributor

@cravani I have none of /var/log/hive, /tmp/hive or /tmp/hive/hive

do you think some log files has more info than console