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How can we list yarn jobs for a particular time frame using api ?


I am able to list jobs using below command with different status as finished/failed/killed.


but what i need is, the report should list jobs for a week or month ?

I need to list finished jobs for a month and then list jobs for a week? I tried using parameter startedTime=1505907111909

but not sure on how we can implement this ? please share the format how should i use this


Expert Contributor

@Gaurav Parmar Here is the documentation of the Cluster Applications API you are using. As you can see under the "Query Parameters Supported", to list jobs for a particular time frame you can use 4 parameters:

  • startedTimeBegin
  • startedTimeEnd
  • finishedTimeBegin
  • finishedTimeEnd

All the parameters are specified in milliseconds since epoch, so you have to convert your time interval to Unix Timestamp. For example last week is 2017-12-04:00:00:01=1512345601000 - 2017-12-10:23:59:59=1512950399000. To list all the applications that were started and finished this week you can use