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How to Read from H2 datanase in NiFi

How to Read from H2 datanase in NiFi



Is there a way to query the H2 Database in Apache NiFi ?


1 - i want to be able to list all Queues in a Process Group.

2 - i want to be able to associate Process Group/Processors with their IDs and Given names.

This way i can build a dynamic mechanism to better integrate and administer the NiFi work.



Re: How to Read from H2 datanase in NiFi

Hi @Adrian Oprea

There's no specific processor for H2 DB but you can use it with standard JDBC processor in NiFi. You can use a Database Connection Pooling Service with JDBC driver forH2 DB and use processor like PutDatabaseRecord or any other JDBC processor to ingest data.

There are lot of questions/article on SQL processor in NiFi.

Have you tried this?

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