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How to SSH into HortonWorks Sandbox using Putty?

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I have successfully downloaded and installed Hortonworks Sandbox. And i can bring it up in the Oracle Virtual Box. Now, i want to SSH into it. I am using Putty, i am n Windows 7. But every time i try to login as 'root' with password 'hadoop'; it says access denied. Could anyone please provide any pointers as to what could be going wrong? Screenshots below.

Thanks, in advance.





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Goto terminal of your sandbox in oracle virtualBox --> Press <Alt+F5> --> enter username - root --> enter password - hadoop --> it will ask you to set new password --> set new password --> then try to login via putty using new credentials

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Goto terminal of your sandbox in oracle virtualBox --> Press <Alt+F5> --> enter username - root --> enter password - hadoop --> it will ask you to set new password --> set new password --> then try to login via putty using new credentials

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@Kuldeep Kulkarni

Thanks for your response and do excuse me if this sounds silly; am just getting started. Issue is this, once the virtual box comes up, typing "Alt+F5" doesn't do anything. Where am i going wrong? I tried changing the input preference to "Auto capture keyboard" by clicking the box on and off, still not working.



Hi @jb brahma ,

you just have to click into the VirtualBox window (the black terminal screen) to put the focus on it. Afterwards you can get to the login screen by hitting Alt+F5


Regards, Gerd

The Sandbox also comes with browser based ssh client (Shell in the box).

First bring up the Sandbox splash screen by entering the URL displayed in the console. By default it should be for VirtualBox.

Then go to the first tab "get started" and click the "View Advance Options". This will list a collection of additional URLs and credentials for additional tools in the sandbox including shell in the box.

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@Rafael Coss: 'root' with password 'hadoop' does not work in browser-based Sandbox. i can get into Hue but not in the shell. i am waiting reply from @jb brahma.


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@jb thanks for posting. I am having same problem. were you able to resolve the issue ?

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I've got a similar problem. I can ssh with root/hadoop but I can't change the password. Doing it from an ssh client closes the connection with a 'Connection to closed.' message as soon as enter a new password. And logging in via hte sandbox keeps resetting to the login screen.


If the password changing prompt is not coming please do the following that works for me :


Just use the ALT+F5 in splash screen -> enter root/hadoop as use name and password -> type passwd (to change the password of root user) -> write two times the new desired password you want.

And use the same password into any client like putty/MobaXterm or you name it. (all the connection details will be the same port is 2222 and host would be localhost/ will work)

Hope this would help.


This was very useful! I am able to change the password from hadoop to something else and exit from shell and relogin with new password. Thanks for this Indrajeet!

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If you ssh -p 22 you'll be in Centos and you'll be able to use root. For this, use with ALT+F5 or putty.

If you ssh -p 2222 you'll be connected to the sandbox (ie docker). In docker, you'll be able to use the predefined accounts (maria_dev, raj_ops, ... ) but not root... guess why ;-).


I have tried this just now after what "indrajeet gour Nov 17, 2016 at 07:21 PM suggested."

What you do is: In your VM Player 12 and HDP 2.5, login using root / hadoop credentials. Then use passwd command and change the password to laurent1 (for example). Exit. Re-login using root / hadoop in VM Player. It will not allow you because you changed the password. Re-login using laurent1 password, it will work!

You can use the new credentials for Putty SSH port 22 and port 2222. Default maria_dev and raj_ops get eliminated because of passwd command. You can also use ssh -p 22 or 2222 with new password laurent1. It will work.

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Hi all... i was facing the same issue but my issue has been resolved by just only changing the port from 22 to 2222.

try 2222 ssh port if you are not able to connect on 22 ssh port.


Hello all, i download virtualbox sandbox appliance & started successfully; however like to configure new ip address as assign 2 adapter -NAT, Host only- i observed sandbox host is not getting IP address; can someone advise me pls


seems 2 adapter is not accepting?

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