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How to add Hive to Zeppelin in HDP 2.5

Hi! I have gotten the HDP 2.5 Sandbox. I am trying to use Zeppelin but I see that a lot of interpreters that were "included" in HDP 2.4 are not available anymore.

How does one add a hive interpreter to Zeppelin?


Super Guru


I believe hive interpreter support in 2.5 is removed but yes it was present in 2.4.

2.4 was based on apache zeppelin 0.5.6 and hive was supported:

2.5 is based on apache zeppelin 0.6 and hive is not supported here:

I see, @vkumar . Thanks!

Super Guru

Use the jdbc interpreter

It can be used for Hive and Phoenix.

Thanks a lot @Timothy Spann ! I will check it up 🙂

Super Guru

let me know if it works! It worked for me.

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