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How to add 'Minimum File Age' property  in ListFtp properssor


I know the ListSftp processor have 'Minimum File Age' property, but the ListFtp have not  'Minimum File Age' property, do you know how to add 'Minimum File Age' property  in ListFtp properssor. thanks!


when i add 'Minimum File Age' in ListFTP processor,  it not work, like this:


it displays 'Minimum File Age' is not a supported property or has no Validator associated with it 


Expert Contributor

Not supported , as ListFTP or ListSFTP works on last modified timestamp to pick newly modified files since it ran before. So, if a file is added with older last modified timestamp than the one which Listftp already picked, then the file won't be picked with listftp logi, max or min file age property does not aline with current listing strategy. 

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