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How to check if JSON content is null (or empty)?


HI All,

does anybody know how to check if the content of the file is null or empty? (JSON for example)?




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Hi @Rosa Negra

I only have experience concerning JSON.

In my opinion it depends what the content looks like.

If the content of an empty JSON is [ ] the flowfile disappears when I do a SplitJson with JsonPath Expression value $.

If the content looks like this [ { } ] I check with RouteOnContent on this (^\[\{\}\]) and filter the file out.


@ Justen my JSON file is being converted to null (file size iz 4bytes) after wrong JOLT is applied.

So, when I open the JSON it's litterally 'null'. There are no brackets.. just null. 110204-1565167770957.png

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@Rosa Negra
In this case I would use RouteOnContent to check null and maybe additionally check filesize to be on the safe side.


@Justen Thanks!110230-1565168780528.png


@ Justen i believe this is the answer:



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To check null in JavaScript, use triple equals operator(===) or Object is() method. If you want to use method then you two arguments.


1)  Pass your variable value with a null value.

2) The null value itself.


To find the difference between null and undefined, use the triple equality operator or Object is() method.


To loosely check if the variable is null, use a double equality operator(==). The double equality operator can not tell the difference between null and undefined, so it counts as same. So if you want to strict check, then don't use a double equality operator. It will lead to misconclusion.