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How to create partitioned view

Expert Contributor

I got a 'log' table which is currently partitioned by year, month and day. I'm looking to create a partitioned view on top of 'log' table but running into this error:


hive> CREATE VIEW log_view PARTITIONED ON (pagename,year,month,day) AS SELECT pagename year,month,day,uid,properties FROM log; 

FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10093]: Rightmost columns in view output do not match PARTITIONED ON clause



Whats the right way to create a partitioned views? I'm using Hive 0.13 in CDH 5.3.2.




It seems you missed a "," between pagename and year after SELECT.

Expert Contributor

Sorry, was a copy/paste error. I did have a comma between pagename and year but got the error I pasted.



New Contributor



Try this:

hive> CREATE VIEW log_view PARTITIONED ON (pagename,year,month,day) AS SELECTuid,properties,pagename year,month,day FROM log; 



The column names used in the partition must be available at the end of view creation in the same order as mentioned in as partitions.

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