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How to dowload CDH-6.3.2? i'm unable to download please give suggestions


I'm using Cloudera login credentials for downloading from the link but getting

403 Forbidden (varnish) the provided credentials were incorrect
what are the username and password here?

please tell me




Hi @prasanna06 

Hopefully you are aware that in the space of the last few months, Cloudera modified its download policies and the binaries you are seeking to download are now only available in a private repository. If not, please see the announcement here: Transition to private repositories for CDH, HDP and HDF


The credentials to access this private repository are not generally the same ones to access Cloudera's website or the Cloudera community. In order to gain access to this private repository, people with a valid Cloudera subscription can generate the necessary repository credentials from a CDH license key. The background and detailed procedure to obtain the necessary credentials can be found on this page:

CDH 6 Download Information

…scroll down to the section headed Authentication to the Cloudera Archive



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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Hi, @ask_bill_brooks  Thanks for the reply, can you please guide me on how to get the Cloudera Subscription, Subscription cost and Subscription validity time period.


Expert Contributor

Hello Prasanna


You can refer to the link:

Follow the links provided under "Contact Us" 


I'm looking at the Hortonworks package, can I get a Cloudera subscription for HDP

Expert Contributor

The last version of HDP released is HDP 3.1 and the End of Support is Dec 2021

You no longer can purchase any new subscription for HDP, but the new subscription for Cloudera CDP will give you entitlement to download the HDP binaries 

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