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How to expose secured NIfi URL


how we can use listenhttp processor for securing the NiFi url with username and password for post data on nifi.


Super Collaborator

@sathish3389 Its not entirely clear what you are asking here but I will give it a go.   ListenHttp is used to listen to an http port with POST limited capabilities.   If you are looking post data to nifi as more of REST API, you may want to check out HandleHttpRequest and HandleHttpResponse, as they have a bit more capability, and some ssl client authentication requirements.  They also allow you to program authentication logic before returning the response.   To do that. you would build your data flow (after HandleHttpRequest) to look for an authentication (user,password,key,etc) header, validate that and then if valid, continue to HandleHttpResponse with 200 (success).  An invalidate authentication header would then go to HandleHttpResponse with 500 (error).  An invalid request (wrong path, missing info, etc) could be routed to HandleHttpReponse with 404 (invalid).  

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