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How to fetch total numbers of tables available in a Schema using Rest API search techniques ?

How to get the list pf all the tables available in a particular schema. This Rest API command generally gives the GUID and total count of all tables available in Atlas.


Can we apply some sort of filter on database or schema ?

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Hey @Sharmadha Sainath,

I was not able to add comment so adding my reply here, actually i was using space instead of "=" in limit. It is working now. Thanks

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The following gremlin query can also be used the get the count of entity type:

  • http://localhost:21000/api/atlas/discovery/search/gremlin?query=g.V("__typeName", "hive_db").count()
  • http://localhost:21000/api/atlas/discovery/search/gremlin?query=g.V("__typeName", "hive_table").count()

Thank you @Sarath Subramanian. Right now i am using DSL for searching the tables in a schema. Let me know which one should be good in terms of performance. Gremlin or DSL.

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@subash sharma , DSL query makes GREMLIN call internally to fetch results.