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How to get Cloudera Manager and CDH packet?

New Contributor

Dear community:

                 From 20210101,I cant get Cloudera tools anymore even the link on the Cloudera official Web-sit : It's made me puzzled. I use my account and password just getting a Refuse. I don't know they are free or not anymore. But make it clear will better. Sorry for saying this.

                If you have way for getting these tools I will be very thankful.




Hi @insect 

Hopefully you are aware that earlier this year, Cloudera modified its repositories and as a result the binaries for CDH 6.3.3 and later are now only available in a private repository. If not, please see the announcement here: Transition to private repositories for CDH, HDP and HDF.

Downloading the Cloudera Manager and/or CDH binaries requires first having an active subscription agreement in place and obtaining a license key file along with the required authentication credentials. The credentials to access this private repository are not generally the same ones to access Cloudera's website or the Cloudera community.

That same announcement also has information on how to go about obtaining a subscription agreement and the required authentication credentials for the private repository if you don't already have them. If you're just looking to evaluate a data platform, you can currently do so without an existing valid Cloudera subscription by downloading and installing the Trial Version of CDP Private Cloud Base Edition of Cloudera Data Platform on Ubuntu.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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