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How to get rid of the "Altus Data Collection configuration" error message


I've installed a brand new 5.13, but I'm getting this configuration error message:


"Altus Data Collection Account must be configured to enable collection for any Altus service."


I don't want any Altus configuration on this server as it's an internal cluster.


I can't find where to fix this configuration error or even supress the error message. Can someone please help?



Greetings Doug,


I just ran into this same issue and resolved it. I wanted to give you some context first. 


The Telemetry Publushing Service is not a necessary component of a Cloudera cluster deploy - it is to supplement an add-on service called "Workload Experience Manager or Workload XM".  


You can safely delete the service and it will not affect cluster operations


If Workload XM is a functionality you wish to leverage then you will need to take a couple steps to enable the Telemetry Publisher to send telemetry to Cloudera. 


Here is the Guide I Followed: 


Step 1. Get Altus Credentials

Step 2. Add Altus Credentials to Cloudera Manager

Step 3. Add the Telemetry Publisher Service Role


Basically you need to log into your Altus account and generate a key pair for WXM to leverage - you will then need to add this account in Cloudera Manager as an external account under the altus tab. That can be done here. 




Next in Cloudera Manager:

Administration -> External Accounts -> click "Altus Credentials" tab and add the account. 


You may need to configure the account as your Altus account in Administration -> Settings -> "Telemetry Altus Account"


The docs don't say this but I had to restart Cloudera Manager to get this setting to take effect - I could not start the Telemetry Publisher until after I restarted Cloudera Manager


To access Workload XM, perform the following steps:


Log in to the Workload XM console:






Rising Star



I just installed a single Node Clouder Manager on RHEL 7 for proof of concept.


How do I remove the Telemetry Publisher service.


I dont need it now


Cloudera Employee

If you want to delete role of TP, you can delete with any error message.


1.Click "Cloudera Management Service".

2. Select "Instances" tab in the Cloudera Management Service.

3. Choose " Telemetry Publisher" and  click "Action for Selected" menu.

4. Choose " Delete" in the "Action for Selected" menu.

5. Popup "Delete Role Instances" and click "Delete" button.