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How to make DELETE statement type auto retrieve primary key like "UPDATE" of PutDatabaseRecord

New Contributor

I am using to ingest json data using PutDatabaseRecord with JsonTreeReader. The statement type is "DELETE"

"BATCH_INFO_ID": 1514,
"REF_NO": "REF-001-M",
"BATCH_TYPE": "Fax",
"BATCH_DATE": "2011-07-14T00:00:00Z",

However, I got below query finally:

Batch entry 0 DELETE FROM "IOSH"."CMI_BATCH_INFO" WHERE ("BATCH_INFO_ID" = 1514) AND ("REF_NO" = 'REF-001-M' OR ("REF_NO" is null AND 'REF-001-M' is null)) AND ("BATCH_TYPE" = 'Fax' OR ("BATCH_TYPE" is null AND 'Fax' is null)) ....


How to make it like "UPDATE" behavior to get primary key in where clause instead of put all fields in side where clause?


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