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How to pass an attribute/property from JsonPathReader to QueryDatabaseTable in NiFi?

New Contributor

leuok.pngI`m starting with NiFi framework and I have the following problem: I´m getting data from a QueryDatabaseTableRecord that I need to put in S3, the problem in that the path (Object Key) that I must use it´s coming from an Json file.

I'm getting both process done well as separate but cant give the property of the EvaluateJsonPath to the File Flow of the QueryDatabaseTableRecord one.

Any idea or workaround?

Thanks guys!





Sorry, cant visualize it, but your flow can be look like this:


QueryDatabaseTableRecord -> Wait ->PutS3Object
                         -> FetchFile -> EvaluateJsonPath -> Notify


You can overhand the attribute from JSON to the waiting FlowFile.

If you need help with configuration or other stuff for this, just text me.

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