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How to restart name node?

New Contributor

Hi I am not able to restart name node


Expert Contributor

@sahithi1 You can restart the Namenode in Ambari by selecting the Namenode process >> And from the drop down >>click on restart.


And could you please share any specific issue which you are facing while restarting ?


Rising Star

You can also try to stop and start [HDP] namenode services from command line by using below command:


  • If you are running NameNode HA (High Availability), start the JournalNodes by executing these commands on the JournalNode host machines:

    su -l hdfs -c "/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-hdfs-journalnode/../hadoop/sbin/ start journalnode"

    where $HDFS_USER is the HDFS user. For example, hdfs.

  • Execute this command on the NameNode host machine(s):

    su -l hdfs -c "/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-hdfs-namenode/../hadoop/sbin/ start namenode"
  • If you are running NameNode HA, start the ZooKeeper Failover Controller (ZKFC) by executing the following command on all NameNode machines. The starting sequence of the ZKFCs determines which NameNode will become Active.

    su -l hdfs -c "/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-hdfs-namenode/../hadoop/sbin/ start zkfc"
  • If you are not running NameNode HA, execute the following command on the Secondary NameNode host machine. If you are running NameNode HA, the Standby NameNode takes on the role of the Secondary NameNode.

    su -l hdfs -c "/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-hdfs-namenode/../hadoop/sbin/ start secondarynamenode"