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How to run nifi without web UI ?


Hi !

I would like to run nifi without having to use the web UI. I saw that it is possible to run nifi via the APIs (, but how to use it ? (or where to learn to use it?)

Is there an other way to run nifi witout the UI (usnig bash shell for example) ?



@François Robard,

You will find the whole REST API documentation here :

By using the endpoints provided in the documentation, you can control NiFi in a scripted-manner using 'curl' (for example).

I wonder if you're looking for MiNiFi?


Thanks, I tried Minifi and could do what I wanted. 🙂


Ok, thanks for your answers.

@Pierre Villard, I'll Watch about the REST API.

@Andrew Grande, otherwise I'm not sure I've understood the goal of Minifi.

What I exacty want to do is :

- Set Nifi through the web UI on a PC to do a certain task

-Export both Nifi and this preset in a file

-Install and make Nifi and this preset run on an other computer/server without having to use the web UI (or maybe install Nifi, import my Template and lunch it without the UI)

Is this kind of thing possible?

That is literally the use case for MiNiFi. MiNiFi runs with far fewer resources necessary and no UI, but can accept flows designed using the NiFi UI on the same or separate machine.


Yes I finally noticed yhat. I tried it and it works exactly as I wanted 🙂

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