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How to send an "InvokeHTTP" response to Oracle

Good morning everybody,

I have a stream where I execute a POST method and I have multiple returns from an API.




This flow is executed by an "ExecuteSQL" line by line.





I would like to know how to send these returns to Oracle.


In some moments the API will return errors in my submission and I need to save them in Oracle too, to later handle these errors.


I also need to save the JSON sent to the API and this happens via another stream of the Original from "invokeHTTP".


I'm already handling these flows through "EvaluateJSONPath", "ExtractText" and "SplitJSON", but I don't know how to send them to Oracle.




Note that I need to group all these streams into just one stream and only one stream at a time to send to Oracle, because I need to pass parameters in the routine that will be sending to Oracle.

If anyone knows how to help me I appreciate it.






Thank you so much.


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