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How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain

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Re: How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain




Thank you so much for your information. 


So i am currently testing it. But I have hosted my cloudera single node environment on AWS EC2 instance. 


I also own a domain on godaddy I have changed the nameserver to the one in AWS DNS Zone. Should the hosted zone be public ? or private in a vpc?



But i am not sure how to proceed next. What are the steps which i should take post this one ? 

Re: How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain

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This depends on your corporate network configuration.  Private zones are only resolvable within your AWS VPC, so unless you have your corporate network connected to your VPC and DNS peering properly configured, it is often easier to configure DNS in your public zone.  You will want to set both and * A name records to your master node.  Within AWS, it's often more flexible to point this records to an EIP so you can attach it to different nodes over time.



Re: How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain


Thanks for the quick reply. This is my personal setup and I am a starter in this area. Will you be able to help me with  baby steps ? APologies for being too demanding :) 


what i have now done is created a DNS is route53 in public zone. And i have updated the name servers into my domain at godaddy. 


Now what should i do next in AWS? Create a record set in AWS? 


And what should i do on my EC2 instance where the Workbench has been installed? 

Re: How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain


Did it !! Yohuuuu !!! I can see the page and am logged in!!! Thank you so so much !! You saved my day !!

Re: How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain

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what did you do? did you have to edit /etc/resolv in on the individual instances?

Re: How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain


Hi Tristanzajonc,


Thanks for the explanation.


I am using cdsw for testing only.

So, i choosen the domain service with extention of

But , while i am launching the session it displaying as below :



It stays in schedulling phase and Terminal also not opening in client side.

Firewall restriction also i have done.


Please guide me




Re: How to setup wildcard DNS subdomain

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Pasted below is part of instructions for setting up DNS subdomain:


To access Cloudera Data Science Workbench, you must configure the wildcard DNS name *.cdsw.<company>.com for the master host as an A record, along with a root entry for cdsw.<company>.com.


My question: Does "master host" above refer to the edge node or the name node of the cluster?




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