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How to upload .json processor group using curl / API

Rising Star

Hi, I have a use, where i need to upload the processor group (.json) file from the curl / API. Please suggest. 


can we do this operation in NiFi CLI without using NiFi registry. 


New Contributor

Hello Sam! 
i am dealing with same issue as you, i see you made a question a year ago and i wonder, did you find a way to upload a Definition file from API rest ? 

as you i have been tried and tired to build a process group with the file.json but documentation is not clear and does not offer an example to build the request. 

i upload a file.json manually and checked the nifi-request.log and the only i see is this pettiotion " http://localhost:8081/process-groups/{id}/process-groups/uploadas "ok"

did you find a way to build the body to send this request ? 

thanks a lot, have a nice day.