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I am not able to create a table inside my database in hortonworks superset view (Hive view replacement).

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I was finally able to create a database called "PTSD" in superset view after reducing the security to "None". Now I can't add any tables to my database. I tried to add a table following below instructions:

In "Superset" view, from "Sources" tab, I clicked on "Tables". I then clicked on the "+" sign beside "Add Filter", I chose my database name for the first field, and filled the "Table Name" field with the word "Site". I clicked "Save". Then, an error message appears on top of the next page saying "Table [Site] could not be found, please double check your database connection, schema, and table name".

My question is, the table SHOULD NOT be found because I am CREATING IT!!! I also checked my Hive database connection by clicking on the green button "Test Connection" and it said "Connection OK"!

This is my PhD Thesis project and I'd appreciate any immidiate help.

Thank you so much in advance,



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@Ftoon Kedwan

I think you've got the concept wrong

In superset, you add datasources/databases and tables assuming they are already present in your environment. (it doesn't create those for you).

For example, you'll have a mysql db somewhere and you'll have to provide an sqlalchemy url to add it. You can then go to add tables and add tables which already exist in the database.

While adding database/datasource, there's no check whether the physical entity is present. (unless can do explicit test connection while adding), so you were able to add it (not create it).

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@tsharma Thank you for your answer!

How can I add my CSV tables to the Ambari platform and be able to query them them then and view the query results?

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By Ambari platform you mean? You can use either zeppelin or superset which you were using.

Zeppelin has a lot of interpreters and it can connect to hive/spark/mysql.

Visualization in superset is easier, you can create hive tables using that csv or create mysql using that.

You can then add that database in superset and add existing tables.