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Impala -> Hive Metastore version compatibility

New Contributor


I have a

* Hive Metastore of latest release version (version 3.1.2) and

* Impala built from current master (4.0.0-SNAPSHOT RELEASE (build f07514add9956e676d99ae9cbca5855960a279f2))

* impala-shell on mac version v3.4.0-RELEASE (9f1c31c)


But when I try to use impala-shell to create database, i get:


default> create database mydb;
Query: create database mydb
ERROR: ImpalaRuntimeException: Error making 'createDatabase' RPC to Hive Metastore: 
CAUSED BY: TApplicationException: Invalid method name: 'get_database_req'


Is it because versions are incompatible? Which version of Hive Metastore is needed for the latest impala?




New Contributor

Can anyone help? I have the same error. I think Impala is not so Apache, but a private software, so we cannot deploy Impala without CDP components.

New Contributor


I also met the same problem, how did you solve it? thank you

Cloudera Employee

Same issue as

We are working on to fix this.

Before that, please use CDP Hive (recommended) or Apache Hive 4.