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Impala shell error


Hi ,


im unable to connect impala shell ( kerberised cluster ) with below: command  on Edge node 

impala-shell -i -d default -k

case scenario :  we have two Edge node A and B , able to connect on edgenode A  and unable to connect on edgenode  B with same credentials. checked with different user is it also same as working  on Edge node A and edgenode B . 

observed that both have different python version  A has 2.7.5 as default and B has 3.7.0 is this the cause of connection , if yes how to rectify. 

ERROR screenshot shared.


shell error.jpg

Cloudera Employee

Hello Syed,


Yes, the impala is compatible with Python version 2.7.5.



Cloudera Employee

You can try the below steps in edge node B

virtualenv venv -p python2

cd venv

source bin/activate

(venv) impala-shell


Thanks for the solution , every time i have to come in venv and run impala shell ? or it will work without venv !!


Cloudera Employee

Yes, you need to switch to venv everytime or you need to reinstall python with the 2.7.5 version.


How to fix it permanently that default to  python2.7.5 and impala shell to be work ?

Cloudera Employee

For a permanent fix, you need to install the python version 2.7.5.


Python 2.7.5 is already installed and multiple version are available tried to set path but not working , any alternate solution.. .!!!



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