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Impossible to open UI's on Kerberized Cluster HDP 3.1


Hello all!

This is my first question here! I am trying to set a secure cluster using Kerberos. I have already install my own Kerberos server, and works like a charm on the console.

The problem comes when I am trying to access to the Hadoop components UI's (HDFS, Hive, etc). I know I need to configure my browsers, and there is the problem.

I have downloaded MIT Kerberos ticket system for Windows 10, installed it, and configure the krb5.ini file. It is perfectly generating the kerberos ticket (visually I can see it generated it).

Following the instructions for configuring browsers to access Kerberized cluster, link, also, from external sources, like this one, (this last one made me realize I need to write down the kdc address, but I actually have included all), or this .


network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris =,,,,,,,,,
network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris =,,,,,,,
network.auth.use-sspi = false


I have done the thing of putting in Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Zones -> Add IP,

Local Intranet zone -> Automatic Logon only in Local Intranet


Same same...

google-chrome --auth-server-whitelist = "admin/admin"


google-chrome --auth-server-whitelist = ""

Other observations:

If I use command line to run kinit, it shows zero tickets, even though in MIT Kerberos app it has

Browsers answers:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed gss token

Many others like:

Authentification failure. 

I am out of ideas, I really trust that there is no security without Kerberos, and the next step will be to add Apache Knox, but this is for future. Can someone, please, point me anything? I have used all the google/bing links about this problems. I know this probably is related to the browsers, but I cannot discard.


Yes, in Ubuntu 16.04 console I am able to connect to beeline, HDFS, ..., everything is managed perfectly by Ranger (Awesome!)

I am documenting all this process, so I am okay to write a guide in future for the community as giveback.


Cluster info:

HDP 3.1

Kerberos: 5

Accessing Machine: Windows 10, or Mac OSx

Browsers: Any, IE, Chrome, Firefox.

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

IP Address:

kerberos server:

ambari server:





[libdefaults]  default_realm = CLUSTER001
[realms]  EXAMPLE.COM = {    admin_server =
kdc = }


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did you solve this problem?