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Incorrect SQL solution


Good Morning. I present my problem to you. I hope that some user can help me.

I took my CCA Data Analyst certification exam (159). In the Score Report I have 3 problems = Incorrect SQL solution

The Cloudera FAQ states that this error is because: An SQL file was found, but it did not generate any output when run. This could include a lack of database references for the tables.

I don't agree with the solution because I ran my script with the command $ hive –f ‘file.sql’ and verified that it generated an output file.

Cloudera doesn't tell me if the results are wrong because the number of records is wrong or the output directory is wrong. The exam is recorded and it can be verified that it generates an output file.

Have a good day


Community Manager

I am sorry to hear you had issues with the exam. Your best course of action is to email The certification team will then look into the incident and reply to you directly.


Cy Jervis - Community Manager


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Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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I still think it's a Cloudera mistake.
I am very angry. In my exam I verified that the output file was generated in the directory.
It's recorded, you can check it out.
And now they tell me that nothing is generated.
This is a hoax

Expert Contributor

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your certification exam experience.


We have been informed that you have also sent your thoughts to the Certification Team to We are sure they will provide you with a response through that channel.



New Contributor

May I know is there any follow up? I'm having the about same issue as you. 

Expert Contributor

Hello there,


The follow up was that the Certification Team directly provided the Certification policy on why there is no revision offers after Cloudera certification exams to the user.


If you have any certification related inquiries, the best course of action is reaching out to our Certification Team at


Thank you.