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Installing Cloudera VM in M1 Mac


Hi There,

Hope you're doing well and safe out there. 

I need one small help, can Cloudera VM install on M1 MacBook Air laptop? 

FYI, I am using 8GB RAM version. 

I do know that this can install in Windows version but don't know on M1 MacBook. 


Kindly share your response. 


Thank you!


New Contributor

I have a MacBook Air M2 (16gb RAM and 512 gb storage) and was able to run Cloudera on UTM on my Mac. 

I've looking for days how to install Cloudera so I'll share a step by step: 

1. Go to this link ( and download this version (

2. Download UTM :
3. Once you get UTM and Cloudera, go to UTM and follow the steps on this video: . The file you are supposed to import is this one: Captura de pantalla 2022-11-03 a la(s) 00.40.56.png

5. Once you follow those steps you have to be a bit patient since it takes at least 15 min or more to fully load but if everything went smoothly you should be able to use Cloudera on your Mac.

Captura de pantalla 2022-11-03 a la(s) 00.42.43.png


Hope it helps!



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Firstly thank you so much for this. I am able to run Cloudera VM on M1 macOS. I didn't explore much. However, am unable to copy files from my actual mac to VM. Do you have any solution for this? 

if yes, can you please guide me. 

Thank you a lot. 

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New Contributor

how about 4gb ram ? can it be upgrade ?