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InvokeScriptedProcessor Groovy error: unexpected char: 0xA0,InvokeScriptedProcessor Groovy error: unexpected char 0xA0

New Contributor


I get the error "unexpected char: 0xA0 @ line <>, column <>." when trying to create a new InvokeScriptedProcessor using Groovy. I suspect this is something to do with copy/paste. Even copying the script-body from existing (working)Processor into the new Processor throws this error (see screenshot attached).

Am on Apache NiFi 1.1.* and HDF (2.1.0). Hope you could provide some clues on how to eliminate this issue.





Hi ,

When I copy paste script-body from one processor into another, I get this error on the new one:

Unable to load script: org.codehause.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed

unexpected char: 0xA0 @ line 15 ...

The original processor is working fine, but the new target processor throws above error even though the script-body is same (copy pasted).

Am on Apache Nifi 1.1 (HDF 2.1.0). Please see attached screenshots.screen-shot-2017-06-06-at-124431-pm.png

Intent is to modify the original script-body and have a new Processor with new logic working parallel to original Processor.


New Contributor

Turns out the issue occurs only when the script-body is edited on Safari browser. The same copy/pasted code works when this is done via Chrome.

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