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Is CDP open source?


I have a simple question, Is CDP (CDH 7.x) open source?


when I try to download the cm7 from this URL

Its ask for password.


I am following this URL




Super Guru

The newest CDP and HDP releases require a customer username and password.



Anything in the path will require this level of authorization.   Here is some specific reference to how to obtain access (for HDP):


Starting with the HDP 3.1.5 release, access to HDP repositories requires authentication. To access the binaries, you must first have the required authentication credentials (username and password).

Authentication credentials for new customers and partners are provided in an email sent from Cloudera to registered support contacts. Existing users can file a non-technical case within the support portal ( to obtain credentials.

Previously, HDP repositories were located on AWS S3. As of HDP 3.1.5 / Ambari 2.7.5, repositories have been moved to

When you obtain your authentication credentials, use them to form the URL where you can access the HDP repository in the HDP archive, as shown below. Insert your username and password at the front of the URL.


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I could introduce HDP in the company because getting new stacks/software in a public company requires frame agreements. The "open source" aspect resulted in choosing Hortonworks (vs Cloudera) at that time. Comparision: for products such as RHEL you have alternatives (CentOS)


Like this our team could get experience with HDP for more then one year long after that we had all the possibilities to buy both HDP and HDF : once the paperwork was finished.

Also it is easier for evaluation.


In my opinion a model such as Elasticsearch or Confluent for Kafka uses is better.
Just protect important components for running the stack at 'enterprise' scale, with security, support... (things cloud vendors would 'misuse') by using subscriptions.


"Hiding" the base binary distribution is just utterly stupid (adoption etc)

Also very important is the quality of the documentation. There is a difference....



New Contributor

This is a major change for the HDP distribution at least, which was supposed to remain open source and freely available. Do you actually need to have a paid license/subscription to get access to HDP 3.1.5+ repositories now ?


For what it's worth, from an engineering/R&D point of view, more of us are going to be contributing to open source projects than before.

  • All of the core development that was done in the context of open source projects (e.g. the many Apache projects we contribute to) will continue as before.
  • Previously closed source projects are going to be open sourced under the AGPL.

The binary distribution does require a subscription (beyond the trial period), similar to how Red Hat does things.

New Contributor

Red Hat is similar, but offers CentOS as a 100% binary compatible distribution.

Not offering openly a binary build can lead to fewer customers and adoption in the end.


Enterprise who want to have support will pay for a support subscription anyway. The others you don't need....


Can't agree more. I don't know RedHat products which don't have alternative binaries available without subscriptions.

RHEL -> CentOS

MRG Messaging -> Apache QPID

JBoss EAP -> Wildfly

Data Grid -> Infinispan

Fuse -> ServiceMix


Master Guru

This could be the endless discussion, but the whole thing is Getting Support = Valid Subscription
You can always try the repo for evaluation purpose meant for trial by just registering you email, but at the end of the day in Enterprise if you need support then you will come at same point.

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Expert Contributor

True, this could be an endless debate since it's already done! I expected the Cloudera Express edition to be discontinued at least in a major release, not in a minor release! (6.3.3)


Well, this is then. Open or close, there is no way to use CDM/CDH for free anymore to build something and then ask for a budget. I am sorry but in public they don't pay these prices just because we tried something for a short period of time. They need actual proof of concept as to why something expensive is good.


We are already in Feb, Are we making CDP (cloudera manager etc) open source? Earlier It was said, It would be open sourced in Feb 2020. 

Right now CDP 7.x is only available with trails for 2 months OR its a dead end without Subscription.

Expert Contributor

Yes, can we have pointer to the open source code in March 2020 ?

Rising Star

More than a year later and there is still no open source version available, from what I can tell. Am I missing something? :S


@Cloudera -  know that Covid shook the world, but an updated roadmap would be appreciated. Cheers!