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Is cloudera supports apache airflow?

New Contributor

We are planing to migrate oozie to airflow? will cloudera supports airflow 


@SVK NO. Airflow is not a part of the Cloudera suite of application. While you can definitely use 3rd party CSDs in general [1], or make your own CSDs, the support of it is outside Cloudera's scope.

If you do pursue to install, my suggestion is to install in a dev/test environment and test it out. Once you are comfortable with the product then you can install into your production cluster.


Again this is not under Cloudera Support's Scope. 

Feel free to reach out to your accounts team if you need more information about Cloudera's offerings.



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Cloudera Employee

Although not available in CDP Base.  Airflow is provided through our  Data Engineering Experience (CDE) within Public Cloud and Private Cloud.