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JOLTTransformJSON fails to convert UTF-8

New Contributor

Hello Team,

I am using jolttransformation with JOLTTransform processor for our custom JSON to JSON transformation. Our client is from russia and when tried to convert data which is in russian I am facing  issue , Kindly suggest me on the same. 


Example data before transformation  : Подписка

data after transformation : ÐŸÐ¾Ð´Ð¿Ð¸ÑÐºÐ° 


Below are the attributes available in the processor

Jolt Transformation DSL
Custom Transformation Class Name
Custom Module Directory
Jolt Specification
Transform Cache Size
Pretty Print


In above attributes I am setting Jolt specification and Jolt TRansformation DSL as chain


Kindly advice on how to proceed . I was stuck at this from past few days







Expert Contributor

Hi @praneet ! Look at the spec I used
Input used:



"operation": "shift",
"spec": {

Output got:


I was able to perform jolt without any problems in nifi-1.11.4

Tell me if you are still facing the issues.