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Jumbo Frames (MTU = 9000) - performance increase ?

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Hello all
I know that the official recommendation is to use MTU 9000 Jumbo Frames in all the network interfaces when it comes to HDP cluster.
My question is for those here that switched their cluster from 1500 to 9000 - have you seen an increase in performance due to the change ?
Thanks in advance!


@Adi Jabkowsky

Hi there.

The main benefit using MTU 9000 is because hadoop works better with large files and you can transfer larger packages than use MTU 1500 (default).

I think for detailed results you can use iperf tool.

I found some best practices too.

I hope this helps.

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Hi @Eric Leme

Thank you for your response. I'm familiar with the information you provided (yet it is appreciated... points rewarded...) but i was hoping to hear from people who actually did the switch from 1500 to Jumbo. Learn from their first hand experience.