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KUDU Couldn't send request to peer Status: Remote error: Service unavailable: UpdateConsensus request on kudu.consensus.ConsensusService from IP dropped due to backpressure. The service queue is full

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KUDU version:  1.9.0+cdh6.2.0
1、memory_limit_hard_bytes: 100G
2、memory.soft_limit_in_bytes: -1
3、memory.limit_in_bytes: -1
4、maintenance_manager_num_threads: 4
5、block_cache_capacity_mb : 2G

The cluster has 4 tablet-server,and three yarn nodemanager are in the same node with tablet-server.

When I running a MR job in Yarn,just hive sql, and kudu tablet server will quit random, with fowlling logs:



T 5e5cdb8cf25d4c93aeaf013781419109 P ac586d8c49f84c4c82770ae079256893 -> Peer ac44fc76284d4b959eca897309e465b0 ( Couldn't send request to peer ac44fc76284d4b959eca897309e465b0. Status: Remote error: Service unavailable: UpdateConsensus request on kudu.consensus.ConsensusService from dropped due to backpressure. The service queue is full; it has 50 items.. This is attempt 1: this message will repeat every 5th retry.







I dont know how sole this problem



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Those warning messages about dropped RPC requests due to backpressure is a sign that particular tablet server is likely overloaded.  Consider the following remedies:

  • Upgrade to the recent version of Kudu (1.14 as of now). Since Kudu 1.9.0 there have been many fixes which might help to reduce memory pressure for write-intensive workloads (e.g. see  KUDU-2727, KUDU-2929), read-only workloads (KUDU-2836), and bunch of other improvements. BTW, if you are using CDH, then upgrading to CDH6.3.4 is a good first step in that direction: CDH6.3.4 contains fixes for KUDU-2727, KUDU-2929, KUDU-2836 (those were back-ported into CDH6.3.4).
  • Make sure the tablet replica distribution is even across tablet servers: run the 'kudu cluster rebalance' CLI tool.
  • If you suspect replica hot-spotting, consider re-creating the table in question to fan out the write stream across multiple tablets.  I guess reading this guide might be useful:
  • If nothing from the above helps, consider adding a few more tablet server nodes into your cluster.  Once new nodes are added into the cluster, don't forget to run the 'kudu cluster rebalance' CLI tool.


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Thanks youe reply.  Unfortunately, an upgrade is not available at this time in my company.
I have rebalance my tablet server and modified the config 【maintenance_manager_num_threads】to 8 , 【block_cache_capacity_mb】 to 512MB, 【memory_limit_hard_bytes】to 60G。

AND then I try to run MR job on yarn, when get map counts with 96, and memory with 194G on yarn, kudu server is stable. So I continue to run a few job on yarn to to observe Kudu, and kudu server is still stable. So I think it is ok and set up scheduling tasks.



But when today, a job run 179 maps, the kudu server is random quit...

this is the memory detail one of tablet server