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Kafka Admin

Hello Experts,

I am planning to learn on Kafka Administrator , please help me out from where to begin,

Monitor Kafka cluster

Troubleshoot, identify and fix issues

Troubleshooting development related issues.

please help me out from where to begin



Super Guru

Ambari provides many out of the box kafka monitoring abilities. a good article to read is here

Also Kafka using page cache (os cache) and it is important to monitoring system metrics. good place to do this is ambari grafrana dashboards. More info here

troubleshooting issues is a practice you will learn overtime by using kafka. there is no real if you get this error do this debugging. All logs are now available via ambari log search service. this is where you starting your reviewing of any errors you receive from kafka. Another source to troubleshoot issues is this forum (HCC).

@Sandeep R here are the best practices to follow when provisioning Kafka.

Thank you all for your best support.

Hello Sriharsha,

Please help me out if you have any in details documentation on this above steps(installation steps , configuration etc) that can helpful for me to build on my POC servers my email

thank you once again for all you kind help.