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Kafka Parcel download through Cloudera Manager

New Contributor

Hi, I am fairly new to CDH installations. Last week I managed to install CDH 5.5.2 on one of my Linus box with the Free License using Cloudera Parcels. I am trying to perform a POC hence I have only one host and all my services are running on the same machine.

Now I have a task to install Kafka and implement a real time streaming use case. The problem that I have here is I need to Install Kafka. I had gone through the Cloudera Documentation in the below link:

But then I having issues with the CDH version that I have on my system and the parcel that is available for the download in CLoudera Manager. It is clearly mentioned in the link:  that you will get an error if the version that you are trying to download is not supported with with CDH version that you have on the system. But at the same time they have not given any resolution for it. 

I get the below error message:

Error while downloading parcel KAFKA-2.0.0-1.kafka2.0.0.p0.12-el6.parcel : Parcel KAFKA-2.0.0-1.kafka2.0.0.p0.12-el6.parcel not found on remote repository..


I understand that CDH 5.5.2 supports only Kafka 1.x but then the Cloudera manger is trying to download Kafka 2.x and that is the reason for the above error. But how to resolve this issue. I am fine with having Kafka 1.x but I need some expert advise here on how to do it. Please help. Thank you.



Master Collaborator

Master Collaborator

In order to install Kafka 2.0, Cloudera Manager 5.5.3 and higher must be installed first. Even the "Express" version of CM (which is free) will suffice for that task.

New Contributor
But I'm on CDH 5.5.2 and do not want to go to a higher version. After a
great deal of struggle I have successfully installed everything and all the
services are up and running. Just for Kafka I don't want to mess with
others. Is there a way I can download a lower version of Kafka? Thanks.

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