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Kafka Producer from remote server

New Contributor


I have text file on remote server and a Kafka cluster, I have developed a Kafka producer that will stream text file line by line, i have tested  it on a cluster node and run a consumer on another node in the cluster, the data is being consumed correctly and everything is fine, the problem is when i run the producer on the remote machine and the consumer on the cluster the data are not being consumed.

I don't know how to make the configuration in order to make the producer talk to the consumer remotely.

Telnet and ping works between the remote machine and the cluster.

Any explanation or help would appreciated on order to run a producer on a remote machine and consume the data on the cluster.

Thank you so much

Joe Jim


New Contributor

Hey Joe,

Excuse me for being terse. Did you try the instructions in the link below. Depending on the OS and your DNS setup consider modifying /etc/hosts


Also, pay attention to the log files, great for debugging.


Master Mentor


By default, the broker binds to localhost. Can you share your and logs? I am of the opinion you need to update the listeners=PLAINTEXT://<IP:_TO_CHANGE>:9092