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Load .Zip files to hive

New Contributor

Hi Team,

I want to load compressed .zip files (which has many csv files ex:abc.csv, ) to hive table , when i tried using below query ..all the column values are loaded null. But if i use gzip compression and compress all the csv file to a .gz file and load is loading fine. So can't we load zip files directly to hive ?


CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE `table_zip`( `v1` string, `v2` string, `v3` string, `v4` string, `v5` string) ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' STORED AS INPUTFORMAT 'org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TextInputFormat' OUTPUTFORMAT '' LOCATION '/data/test/'


ZIP files are not splittable and not a default hadoop input format.

You need an appropriate input format, see

I used it to load ZIP files with Spark (

... and be careful, since it is not splittable, every zipfile will be read by exactly one mapper (low parallelism)

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