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Re: Metron setup - full-dev-platform


@Neeraj Sabharwal

Hi Neeraj,

You can look up my comment for the following thread incase you still facing the same issue :-



Re: Metron setup - full-dev-platform


I fixed this issues by downgrading Vagrant 1.8.1. There is a bug in Vagrant 1.8.5.

Re: Metron setup - full-dev-platform

New Contributor

The reason in 2 records in /etc/hosts for node1:

cat /etc/hosts       node1   node1

## vagrant-hostmanager-start  node1

## vagrant-hostmanager-end   localhost

For python requests package node1 is resolved as and it gets "socket.error: [Errno 111] Connection refused"

For curl (and I believe for browser) node1 is resolved as below:

[vagrant@node1 ~]$ curl -v http://node1:9200/_cat/health
* About to connect() to node1 port 9200 (#0)
*   Trying Connection refused
*   Trying connected
* Connected to node1 ( port 9200 (#0)

To fix it you can just remove " node1 node1" from /etc/hosts and run "vagrant provision" again

Re: Metron setup - full-dev-platform


Hey, even I am not able to setup Metron on a single node VM, it is giving me heartbeat lost error and when I check ambari-agent logs it gives me SSL certificate verify failed

Need Help!! @Vladimir Shlkhtn