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Minifi not connecting to Nifi - remote instance indicates that the port no longer exist

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HI Friends ,

I am trying to get minifi to trasmit data to Nifi however I keep on getting the following error :-

2018-09-12 10:38:41,913 ERROR [Timer-Driven Process Thread-3] o.a.nifi.remote.StandardRemoteGroupPort RemoteGroupPort[name=******,targets=https://******8443/nifi/] failed to communicate with ***:8443/nifi/ because the remote instance indicates that the port no longer exists

I have ensured that the SSL certificates are working , the firewalls are opened and Nifi is up and running but I am not sure why I keep getting this error "because the remote instance indicates that the port no longer exists" . I can see that my Nifi instance is up and running so I am not sure why minifi logs keep stating this ?

Also please note that the Nifi server is on version 1.5 and minifi on version 0.3

Any help here will be appreciated

thanks @Shu @Matt Clarke @Matt Burgess


Glad to know that @Abhinav Joshi !
Regarding your question related to "why change manually the config.yml", I'd say it's because you had some kinda update in the flow (by dragging again the input port, or some other reason, hence the UUID for the specific input port changed).
I'd kindly ask you, if you thought my answer helpful, please accept as an answer for your requirement. This will engage the other HCC users to keep doing a good job, hence the other HCC users will find the best answer quickly 🙂

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Actually I recreated the entire process all over again and each time I have had to manually change the input port id. I have also discovered one thing. The XML file also looks fine and has the input port id defined. The change in the input port id seems to happen when the conversion takes place to YML file. I am using the minifi toolkit version 0.3 . Have you seen this kind of behavior before by any chance ? Anyways - I will accept your answer as the concept is clear now and this may just be a bug . Thanks alot for the help 🙂

Hi @Abhinav Joshi!
Sorry my late, so basically whenever you convert the template to YML it changes the UUID for the INPUT PORT? If so, that's kinda strange.. might be a bug. I'm not aware of this behaviour, unfortunately 😞

Did you try to use a major version of minifi?

Hope this helps!

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Hey @Vinicius Higa Murakami .. I now get it . The issue was with the minifi 0.3 tool kit . When i tried to create the config.yml file from minifi tool kit version 0.3 , i kept on getting this issue. As soon as I switched to the latest version for tool kit , this problem got fixed and the port id was correct. Thanks for the help. I have accepted your answer as well