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Multiple GETHTMLElement

New Contributor

Is there any way to perform multiple GETHMLElements in the same line of dataFlow?

I am using the processor like it's explained in (InvokeHTTP --> GetHTMLElement --> UpdateAttributes (dateDay: ${HTMLElement}) to get one date (and its working well). After that, I need to perform another GetHTMLElement to get the date hour and bind the 2 attributes in one formatted date, but the second CSS Selector it is not working...

It´s possible to get multiple HTMLElements to attributes in the same data LineFlow?



New Contributor

I solved that performing a MergeContent after updating the 2 attributes name... But now i need to perform another 3 different GetHTMLs from the same Fileflow at different times (with different content)... Is not possible to perform them continuously avoiding MergeContent???


New Contributor

Solved and reported in JIRA by Andy (