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My SparkConfigurations are not overwriting in my Spark driver

New Contributor

Hi everyone,


I tried to run a spark job on Cloudera by overwriting some basics spark configurations. So I created a spark job with the following Configurations (optional):


  • spark.eventLog.dir = myPath
  • spark.eventLog.enabled = true
  • spark.submit.deployMode = cluster

I have executed this job by running a cde cli command. The submitter keeps my overwriting values for these 3 Spark configurations but these values weren't retrieve in my Spark driver. For instance, I found a "default" tmpPath for spark.eventLog.dir instead of myPath and my driver used a client deployMode.

Some other configurations (like spark.history.fs.logDirectory) were well overwriting at the same time. 


Have you ever met this problem?


Thank you 🙂


Expert Contributor

Hi @SimonBergerard 

Spark configuration parameters precedence (left is low and right is high) of the order is:


spark-defaults.conf --> spark-submit/spark-shell --> spark code (scala/java/python)


If you want to see the parameter values you can run with --verbose mode.


spark-submit --verbose


Please recheck the spark-submit command and parameters once again.

--conf spark.eventLog.enabled=true

--conf spark.eventLog.dir=<directory>

--conf spark.submit.deployMode=cluster

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Vidya Sargur,
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