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NIFI - Processing HDFS

New Contributor


I am new to NIFI. Got a requirement to read lzo files from HDFS apply some filter and write into local file system.


Could you let me know the list of components I should place please. I am struck how to convert HDFS  flow into normal. 

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance .





Contributor can use GetHDFS to retrieve the files from HDFS. Use RouteonAttribute if you wish to apply some filter on the flowfile attribute and finally PutFile to save the file on local machine. 
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New Contributor

Thanks Sagar. My HDFS files are "lzo" files. Could you suggest me how to uncompress (What processors to use) before writing it into local file system please. 

Contributor can use compress content to decompress. I am not 100% if it decompresses lzo files. If not, you can executestreamcommand to run a shell command to uncompress the files. Hope this helps.

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