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NIFI Professional Support with Pricing


Hi NIFI Team,


We are fairly new to apache NIFI and planning to onboard it into our production environment soon. And we are actually in need of a dedicated professional from the Apache NIFI team who can support or troubleshoot in case of any issues.


Please let us know where I can find the appropriate information for professional services provided by NIFI and its pricing.


Thanks in advance!




Hi @ravi_tadepally 

Thanks for your interest in NiFi. Your question seems to indicate you misunderstand some of the finer details around how open source projects such as Apache NiFi operate, or the difference between Apache's software projects and the products and services that Cloudera offers, so I'm going to attempt to shed some light on that.


As a a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity organization incorporated in the USA, The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) exists to provide a vendor-neutral foundation for open, collaborative software development projects. Many companies that have employees who happen to contribute to Apache projects, such as NiFi, take the software developed from the project or projects and package them up to sell them as part of a larger software offering, provide support to enterprises, offer professional services or some combination of all three. Cloudera is one such company.


There are many professionals who are actively involved with the development and maintenance of Apache NiFi who also happen to work for Cloudera and develop software for it. There are also many Cloudera employees who provide professional services, including providing support and/or troubleshooting for new deployments of Cloudera's products in production to other companies. That does not mean, however, that Cloudera provides either professional services or support for any given version of NiFi that you can download from the Apache site. Instead, Apache NiFi underpins software products that you can purchase a subscription for from Cloudera.

Those products come in various "form factors" which vary in appropriateness depending on where you want to deploy them. For use with public cloud providers, NiFi is now available as part of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC). For use in on premises clusters on top of the Private Cloud Base Edition of Cloudera Data Platform, NiFi powers Cloudera Flow Management (CFM).


As I alluded to above, there'a always some differences between the versions released by Cloudera in products such as CFM and the release of "upstream" component projects, such as NiFi, from Apache. This is analogous to how there are differences between what mainline kernel is "current" in the open source Linux world and what RedHat, for example, releases as part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For this reason, I think it's highly unlikely that you are going to be able to secure a subscription for a "vanilla" version of NiFi or obtain professional services around an Apache release, from Cloudera.


You can find out more about the current packages that Cloudera is offering and the pricing for them by contacting the Cloudera Sales Team to find out more about subscription options.


You can read about the professional services offerings from Cloudera by visiting the
Cloudera Professional Services page.

You might get results closer to what you're after by trying to find support or professional services from a third party, such as one of Cloudera's partners.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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Hi Ravi,

You could try Stackable ( if you are looking for services and support just for Apache NiFi. Cloudera includes NiFi in CDP but as far as I am aware they don't offer support for NiFi outside of a CDP subscription.